Pittsburgh / Clint Reynolds 1st Annual North Eastside Invitational 

Tom chatted with me about coming back out in October and doing a road trip to Clint’s, Catty and Posh for the Jams and… I’m glad I did. Thanks again for Tom, Mark and Carley always making the trails trips fun and the new additions to our crew; former Hoosier John Beutner and David or Cheese from Chicago. So we heading out from Pittsburgh in the Buetner Mobile and met up with Cheese at an undisclosed location in New York. Very nice of the people at the hotel to mow and weed-whack the grass at 6 AM as well as the construction dudes who left thier truck in reverse with the beeping noise belting out and decided to take a lengthy breakfast. We were off to a good start.



Above: Cheese and the custom BMW Motoboof

After a the shitebags waking us up early and the usual “best diner” breakfast, we headed to Clint’s and promptly got to sessioning. Some of the S&M crew showed up later in the night and the next day was a full blown sesh with the likes of Brian Foster, Garret Byrnes, Derek Girard, Chris Moeller, Darryl Nau, Eric Hennessey, Nutter, Rob Dolecki The Halahan’s and many more. Later in the evening Van Homan literally appeared out of thin air from a 3 year stint in Japan… I don’t know how he does it. I couldn’t help myself by blowing up the driveway jump with copious amounts of photos, so deal with it—that was the jump most of the people were stunting on. Unbelievable session at Clint’s, much thanks to him and the fam—we really appreciate it!

Below: North Eastside and Mr. Credence

L to R: Nutter reminiscing about starting all the fires back at Woodstock ’99, John Beutner and Cheese fireside chats about 69 different things, Tom Arkus and Hucker having more fun on a tandem bike then any grown men should have, Hucker, Cheese, Beutner and Tom probably looking up diner spots.

L to R: Van Homan, Darryl Nau and Chris Moeller, Cheese and Tom, Clint and his wee baby, Chris Moeller and Van Homan

Catty Woods Jam 2021

Friday night we headed out to Catty Woods… really would’ve liked to stay another day, but we were on a schedule. Below are a few Catty photos. Big crowds weird me out so I slept a lot and took photos of John Beutner’s weird outfit.

Posh Woods Jam 2021

After a nice night with some lovely ladies, Carley Arkus carting us around in the Beutner Mobile and someone from our crew being accused of being on MDMA (honestly, if someone is happy from riding all day, does that mean they are on drugs? WTF…) we headed to Posh the next day and thankfully, the jam was able to happen and didn’t get rained out, or at least until later. Shout out to the Posh and Catty dudes and congrats to our very own Tom and Mark for winning some awards (Best Tabletop and most ketchup consumed). I’d write more snarky text, but I’ve been up for 2 days, drove 6.5 hours in the middle of the night and came back to an empty flat filled with dust. I’m doing this for you cunts. Until next time! Thanks for reading and looking at some photos. In the meantime email Tom and tell him to finish the video, work on a Vinyl BMX NFT and to get the web store open so I can sell some of these designs I’ve been sitting on for ages.

Above: Luke Halahan flying like a bird man

L to R: Best Tabletop, Tom Arkus
Tom Arkus and Jay Lonergan

L to R: Raddest Rider, Clint Reynolds
Clint Reynolds and Jay Lonergan

L to R: Best turndown, Eric Hennessey
Eric Hennessey, turning it down

Above: Judging or Snapchatting?

Top L to R: Table dudes, Mark got an award.
NORA Cup next.

Bottom L to R: Tom, blessing Steve Crandall with tabletop wisdom.
Congrats Tom, well deserved you tall cunt



Above: Legend. Joe “Butcher” Kowalski

Above: Congrats, dudes! Crandall got that shirt off Etsy.