A long over due montage of some really incredible spots in Pennsylvania and England. This video features sick cunts from the U.S. & Europe. Nate Halahan, Luke Halahan, Dunny, Brian Coleman, Tom Arkus, Chase Zink, Steven Mueller, Mark Potoczny, Mike Potoczny, Foerske, Red Belge, Gillian, Bentley, Cam McCreadie, Brandon Christie, Pi, Weexly, Dimitri, Phil, David Leep, Wingham homies, Gro Trails Crew, & Friends.

None of this footage would exist without the locals at the trails giving it hell every day for all these years. I appreciate everyones hard work and friendships. Some of us mold our day-to-day life to be able to swing going to the trails for a few hours after work—the working class trail life is not easy. I have had a lot of people over the years ask me, “When is the new Vinyl DVD going to be done?” Well… here is a flat out honest answer. I’ll spare you an extremely long life story… I lost a lot of drive to sit behind the computer and edit videos. This was right after I finished the last full Vinyl “LP” video. This happened back in 2013 let’s just say, but I kept collecting footage, bits and pieces over the years. Then one day my hard drive got corrupted, the attempt to recover it by a professional failed and further down the line—I even had computers fail on me. I did not even have a computer at one point, that was it for me, I said fuck it. I took couple years off from filming seriously, some real life personal shit happened as well. I just kept full focus on professional career and maintaining my trail riding abilities, mainly keeping Hazelwood alive with Mark Potoczny.

Over the years I could not help myself but to film everyone riding the dubs. After a great flood of Europeans and Australians coming to Hazelwood consistently for year after year. We “our crew” ventured out to cash in some trail tokens. I will tell you this much I have many years of footage. The footage that was lost was only a few years worth and I have some of this on tape to recapture. Let’s just say all the good shit and modern up to date stuff is safe and sound for now. The ID video you see has no name behind it, the reasoning I have no idea what the hell I will do with the footage I have. I can’t make a commitment to producing a hour long video—not possible. I will do my best to make a new video every quarter of the year. Don’t worry it will be long enough of viewing time to take a beer down the hatch. It will consist of something from the past and current and it will be fairly long. When all my old footage is used up, I will make a compilation or who knows a rework into a long format only time will tell. Right now we have very good people driving all this momentum and good vibes in our trail world and I thank you. Missing all the homies, can’t wait until Covid is past us and we can all travel again.

-Tom Arkus