Hazelwood | Pt.1
(and a wee bit of digging at 9 Acres)

Heavy szechuans going down in the Pittsburgh this Summer, lots of visitors, sadly I missed the main round of all the people coming in from England and other places, but… I was working a job in Ohio and was able to get out for a bit and shoot & ride. Also, I got stung by a wasp, right on my appendix area during my warm up laps. Felt it for about 3 days. Thanks to Tom for having the medical kit with—lifesaver. Anyway, here’s round one, some digging/prepping (amazing how much can get done with a group of guys digging—literally built a line at 9 Acres in a few days) and a few riding shots.

Above: Meanhorse & Nate

Below: Dry Guy Tom

Above: Meanhorse & Mark

Below: Wilson

Above: Mark; Head Of Spa Operations at Hazelwood Day Spa

Below: Mark Digging Deep In The Box

Above: Shane

Above: Shane’s Super Custom Water Bottle

Below: Meanhorse Contemplating Life After Eating The Shite Bar

Above: Corey & Nate On Bigfoot

Below: Mark & Tom On Bigfoot

Below: Corey On The Moon

Above: New Chill Spot

Below:Tom, Corey Wilson & Nate And Shane Heading To The Starting Hill 

Above: Hazelwood Sunset Trains On The Moon

Above: Tom Using His Audi Master Tech Skills At The Trails

Below: OG Vinyl Hoodie (Email Tom And Pester Him To Print Some More)

Below: Corey’s Proof Of Case Fixing

Above: Nate Dogg

Above: French Gifts And The French Connection

Below: This Berm 🤯

Below: Wilson On The Darkside Berm

Above: Nate In And Out At Mach 420 On The Darkside Berm

Below: Bang, Bang

Above: Wasp VS Spotted Lanternfly

Below: Tom’s Much Needed Med Kit (Just Needed A Petite Polish Girl) And It Sorted My Pain

Above: Helmet And The New Chandelier 

Above: Sub Talk By The Fire

9 Acres Dig Sesison

We had a bit of a rain delay, so everyone put in some digging time at 9 Acres

Above: Luke The Foreman

Below: Gillian, Meanhorse and Nate

Above: 9 Acres

Below: Very Robust Sub

Above: Dig, DIg, Dig, Clay, Clay, Clay

Above: Nate & Meanhorse

Above: Shane & Gillian Dialing In The New Line

Below: Renaud, Sylvian, Antoine and Wilson

Above: 9 Acres Dig Sesh

Below: GIllian Digging For Baguettes, Halahan’s Dog Digging and Luke On The Socials

Above: Nate With That Pennsylvania Clay

Above: Tom’s Digging Boots