After a nice Woodwardle session, we headed North with the crew to Brighouse and Mod headed South back home.  Brighouse was about a 1.5 hour drive away and had a cool set up, like most, if not all the trails in the UK. A lot of people were hurt or sore, so a lot of chill’n was going on. I took a day off and shot a lot. Mark got a few runs in and Tom did a few flatties before his wrist blew out. Thanks again to Gerorge, Dan, Steven & the rest of the locals for a great day. It was Jimmy’s birthday, so we hit up a Five Guys about half way home. The bogans (Australians) headed off to Birmingham and the rest of us drove back South. Once again, like last year, they had the motorway closed and we had to take the backroads with many, many roundabouts when we got closer to London. Next day it we did tourist things in London and the day after that was a rain day, so we stopped in at Leatherhead and hung around for a bit. All in all—amazing trip, looking forward to the next one and thanks to everyone for the hospitality and amazing times.

Above & Below: Brighouse Niceness

Below: Dan

Below: Trains, Trains, Trains

Below: Brighouse

Above: George With The Tools And Steven With A Tuck

Below: Steven & George And Pie

Below: Tailwhip McGee

Below: Tom With A Table, Not Too Shabby With A Bum Wrist

Below: Steven With A Mid-Train Seatgrab

Below: Bob Blasting And Grabbing His Seat

Below: George Blasting A Tuck

Below: Brighouse Tiiiings

Below: Baltz WIth An Opposite Table and Tailwhip McGee With A 360

Below: Steven With A Tuck And Pie With A Tabletop

Below: Mark With A Tuck And Steven Mid-Train Blast

Above: Green Stuff

Below: Steven Blasting The Gary

Above: Jimmy And Carley Doing Some Shredding

Above: Steven With A Turndown

Below: Bob The Slayer

Above: Pie After He Heard We Were Going To Spoon’s

Above: Tom Teaching Ed About The Stock Market, I Think Ed Is Looking Into Investing In Garlic Bread

Above: Tyrone The Toad And Biiiiiiiikes

Above: Brighouse Fire And Tom & Jimmy Chinwagging

Below: Brighouse Crew And Dirty Foreigners


Below: Garlic Bread Ed

Below: Rainy Leatherhead

Above: Dodging The Rain At Leatherhead

Above: Leatherhead Tiiings

Below: Nice Field Of Gluten, In Between The Rain Storms