Part 1: Leatherhead & Sheet

After a few months, that turned into years, of nonsense, we were able to make it out the promised land of trails for round 2 of many to come. Tom Arkus, Carley Young (Arkus), Mark Potozcny, John Beutner and I headed to sunny England (it was actually hot and sunny, no joke). First stops Leatherhead and Sheet. Big ups to Pie for picking us up at the airport and hauling our bikes back in the molester van while the rest of the crew drove in the Peugeot 3008 GT (GT stands for Grand Turd) Side note: if you reserve a certain car, don’t you think the rental car company would have it there when you arrive? I guess reservation means we will substitute you original choice with something a bit more shite. Anyway, big thanks to Mod and Lou for being epic hosts, Jimmy for keeping the stoke high and taking us to one of the best spots for a proper full English brekkie (one of many to come) and the Leatherhead & Sheet locals.

Anyway, not heaps of riding photos in Part 1 (because I was actually riding a bit), but stay tuned over the next few weeks for the rest of the parts we will be dropping and some other goodies. Thanks for you support—we appreciate it

– David

Jimmy’s Trails/Leatherhead

Pie and Tom texting about which Weatherspoon’s to go to

Rip’n the last berm at Leatherhead Ashley Charles (L) and John Beutner (R)

Great style: Wilson Haines

Dogs & jumps and Tom & Carley

Shapes and spliffs. Tom is on smoko—leave him alone!

The wonders of Leatherhead. Top-notch trail hut up in hea

Firestarter Mod and Cam with walk-by fire approval

Obligatory Le Rustique and Tom top-o-the-cock in Dorking

Sheet dubs and Mark & Pie

Stanny boy and Pie

Tabletop Tom

Post sesh: John “London Party Boi” Beutner, Mark Potozcny and Tom Arkus.