Part 2: Beltonwood

For the next stop we headed up to the West Midlands, home of Black Sabbath and future trail rider of the year and birthday boy Mr. Jay Hamilton. Big thanks to Mr. Hamilton for the hospitality and taking us to a dialed curry spot. Sadly we didn’t get to meet Chef Mandeep at said spot, but we had a good time. Also great to see Mr. Hamilton Jr. having the same love for trails as his Dad. Shite like that gets me stoked. Thanks to PJ for contributing a few photos, you can scope some of them in a gallery below.


Beltonwood and Birthday Boy Mr. Hamilton

Berm and Sam Hooker rip’n said berm

More berms, Frenchies on top: Antoine & Gillian and Tom & Antoine on the bottom

Gillian and Mr. Hamilton, who said the English and French couldn’t get along? And Mr. Hamilton cruising through Beltonwood

Top: Beltonwood and Mr. Hamilton towing in Mark
Bottom: Mark & Tom = Laps, laps, laps and Gillian, Antoine and Mark discussing French things

Top: Mark Potozcny no-hander from afar and close tree angle
Bottom: Spot the Frenchman & point at him and Tom Arkus with a tabletop

World famous photographer PJ, not afraid to show his bum to young children and grandmas

PJ’s Gallery

Top: Mark Potozcny with a sunset turndown
Bottom: Mark of Banos

Mark Potozcny

Post Beltonwood, probably going to get a curry

Curry sesh

Big thanks to Mr. Hamilton, Levi and the Beltonwwod doots for the hospitality