Part 3: Staff & Woodwardle

Staff was one of the few places that got a bit of much needed rain and English Ivy is one of my favorite plants—my studio is covered in it so safe to say, Staff was aesthetically appealing to me to say the least. Kind of got a boner walking in there—honestly. Unfortunately, I came up a wee bit short on a landing and the side of my ankle hit my crank arm pretty good and it swelled up to the size of a grapefruit. So, I was out for a few days hobbling around, snapping some photos and napping in fields, but I got  a few shots of that monster hip. Big thanks to Tom Aston for the brekkie spot recommendation as well. After a nice BBQ, camp and breakfast the next morning, we headed out to Woodwardle and damn… the amount of shite these guys built in a few years is insane. Huge shite too… epic to say the least. Also hands down best naps in the nearby field. Huge thanks to Martin Wardle for cooking an epic meal for everyone and the rest of the crew being rad. After a quick sampling of the tasty BBQ, I drove Tom and Carley in the trusty Grand Turd through the 420 round abouts on the way back down south.

Boner inducing greenery

Top: Tabletop Tom and Sam Hooker on the big hip
Bottom: Tent life and Staff stickers

Chad Cowell with a table on the big hip and Mark saying “Hi, I’m Mark.”

Chad Cowell and Sam Hooker on the big hip

Tabletops are good, here’s another one of Tom Arkus and Chad Cowell

I’m a dog magnet… would be cool if I could use this power on hot ladies.



Chad Cowell and Sam Hooker on the big one

Berm and Gillian with a tabletop on the step-down

Gillian with a tuck on the step-down

Mark Potozcny and Martin Wardle

Chad Cowell and Sam Hooker on the berm

Mark Potozcny

Woodwardle epic BBQ