Part 3: Brockham & Leatherhead

Next stop was Brockham and, of course, another session at Leatherhead. I didn’t take too many photos at Brockham since I was shredding their sweet pizza oven—one of the finest I’ve seen so far. We also ran into Sven Littfinski and the rest of his German crew and I must say, those dudes shred and they got us all stoked. Still amazes me how close some of the spots are to each other. Brockham had some crazy big stuff at the bottom and I have no idea how such a wee person like Max Dunn was hitting some of the big stuff, the physics didn’t make sense. Great to see so many people hitting the big stuff though. Also, rumor has it Tome Arkus went through a whole line on a big bike, no proof, but I saw it, I swear. And the next day we hit up Leatherhead again, just because. Shout out to the cute blond girl at the Leatherhead Waitrose. Super heavy sesh at Leatherhead with everyone and very robust I might add.

Sweating my bollocks off dialing in pizzas on this dreamy pizza oven

Sven Littfinski  and Mark Potozcny hitting the massive section

Big jump and Brockham Trails custom pizza peel

Top: Tabletop Tom Gillian and Antoine in a train at Leatherhead and Sven rip’n the last berm
Bottom: More Tabletop Tom and Tabletop Mark

Top: Aussie Joe with a Turndown and Martin Wardle
Bottom: Sven Littfinski making it look good mid-train and fellow German Attila Sebesteny

Mark Potozcny with a stanky-leg table and Sven Littfinski with a stretched no-hander

Scooter Man with the plan, Jimmy Pratt

Top: Antoine Morvan with a français toboggan and français tire grab
Bottom: Mark Potozcny with a stretched suicide no-hander and Cam McCreadie with a tuck at height

Top: Mark Potozcny with a clicked turndown and Style Guy Sven Littfinski
Bottom: Dudes at the trails and Wee Max Dunn

Cam McCreadie with a seat grab