Grotrails: 10 Year Anniversary Jam

We took a little side trip over to France to visit Gillan’s spot (Grotrails) for his 10 year anniversary jam. Goodtimes! Great to see some new lines built since we were there a few years ago, a nice new roll in and even a quarter pipe. A bunch of people stopped in, we even ran into Scott Draper at the grocery store. Great sesh all day and thanks to all the Frenchies for being rad. BMX, friends, dogs, beautiful French women and BBQ… yes please. Unfortunately, I ended up setting my tent up on a bees nest and then had to move it to the side of a hill which was terrible for sleeping… bad logistics on my part… I lost that battle, but the war is still going.

Shorncliffe Military Cemetery AKA 3 Dudes Come Out of The Cemetery Under a Full Moon and Take Off In Their Car When We Drove Up, Last Spot We Camped In England Before We Headed To France On The Ferry

The Crew On The Ferry and The Cliffs Of Dover

Ferry Life and Grotrails

Top: Frenchies and Red Belge
Bottom: Red Belge Tabletop Front and Back Angle

Trail Tings


Banos Mark On The Hip and German Phil Jib’n To The Starting Hill

Foerske, JB  and German Phil

Getting The Party Started and Red Belge With a Toboggan

Top: Sick Cunts Gillian and Antoine and Foerske
Bottom: Mark Potoczny Spreading Ketchup and The Chaos at The Starting Hill

Dry Guy Tom

Dogs & Babies

The Man Without an Instagram, Dimitri

Top: Antoine On The Hip and Red Belge Telling Tom to Throttle It More
Bottom: Two Marks: Banos Mark and Mark Potoczny

The Starting Hill Queue and Foerske Getting Stylish

Gillian In The GroHut and Mark Potoczny Blasting The Big Line

Top: Red Belge & Mark Potoczny with a Turndown
Bottom: Antoine With a Lookback and Michael Hanfler With a Nice Flattie

Sick Cunts

Top: Tom With a Tabletop and Antoine With a Lookback
Bottom: JB and Red Belge With a Tabletop

Sickest Cunt Gillian With a Tabletop On The Big Line

Gillian, Antoine and Belgian Waffles

Grotrails Turnout

Different Party Angles


Thanks to Gillian and the Grotrails Crew—This Was a Great Time!