Part 5: Leatherhead & Wisley

For our last two stops we hit up Leatherhead (yes, again) and Wisley. Much sad kicked in since the trip was coming to an end, but much happiness as well, because this was one of the best trail trip I’ve been on. Here’s another sesh at Leatherhead and some photos from Wisley, which had the most dialed trail hut—damn thing was a house. Thanks again to all the people at the trail spots we stopped at, food people grilled & BBQed, beverages shared, great conversations and laughs. Hope to make it out again next year and many more after.



If your water can isn’t flowing well, might want to check it and see if there is a small biosphere growing in there

Dry Guys: Mark Potozcny, Scott Draper and Dimitri

Top: Red Belge With a Turndown and Tom Arkus Getting Guy Stylie
Bottom: German Phil and Sven Littfinski with a stanky leg

Dimitri With That Classic Racer Style and Tom With a Tabletop

Foerske Looking For Waffles and Sven Blasting

Tom Using His Tall Lanky Super Powers For That Extra Pump In The Bowls

Sven With A Textbook Bar-Hump and Cam With A Seat-Grab Toboggan Thingy

This Is a Really Good Table Top From My Bruv, Tom—Just Sayin’

Red Belge Trying To Reach His Foot Back To Belgium and Sven With a Tire Grab and German Phil Leading and Wilson Haines In The Back

Red Belge With That Stink’n Visor and Foerske, Mark and Cam Train

Wee Max Dunn Rip’n It With an X-Up

Cam Getting High and Stylie and Tom With a Tuck

Jimmy Pratt… thanks for everything, we appreciate ya, bruv!

Obligatory Trail Doggo Photo

Wisley… Their Trail Hut Was a Literal Cabin That I Could of Started a Family In With a Pretty English Woman. Pizza Oven Wasn’t Running, But Good Construction

Blacked Out Bikes Are Superior

Ya Go Down, Ya Come Back Up and Ya Do It Again and Repeat 

Top: Cam Shredding and Talk of Spoons With Pie and Tom
Bottom: Cam & Mark and It’s All Gravy, Mate

Pie Telling Everyone The Best Spoons Is In Hull

Mark With a Turndown From Different Angles

Top: Cam Doing Some Watering and Mark Getting Some Tables and GoPro Footage
Bottom: Mark With His Signature “Protoz” Style and Tom With The Last Tabletop of The Trip