Glasgow… I love this place. After making the trip almost yearly, it has been a bit since I was here, due to all that travel restriction shite. After a sleep filled flight I was treated to waiting for my bike bag that never came through (as well as Trent Lutzke’s), seemed everything that was connecting in London Heathrow got delayed or lost. Another reason London is a shiter. Fred Murray (who also just got back home from a fun-filled time in Boston) scooped us up and we went straight to The Loading Bay to help setting things up. The UCI world championships were going on and with that comes all the bologna skin gear, carbon fiber and tourists clogging up my favorite city. Aside from that, the DIG Gallery and BSD Jam was a blast. I didn’t shoot any photos of the jam because I was socializing and what not. I also rode in the long jump, but didn’t do too hot… I realized my tires were at about 40psi… I didn’t bother to fill them up when I arrived. We also did some sweet video premiers after, like the Fred Murray documentary by Peter Adam which should be out somewhere soon.

Perfect start to the wonderful trails sessions to come in the next few weeks.

Above: The Loading Bay… where it all went down. Also the possibility of catching Loading Bay lung here as well.

Above: Bossman Will With The Goods And Will, Rob & Fred Setting Up For The Show
Below: Art Shite And The Crew Setting Up

Above: This newspaper was sick! Photos by Dave Sowerby of Kriss Kyle on the front and Tam Roulston on the back. Design and layout by Will Smyth and Luke Godson.

Above: Fred, Thomas, Rob, Sandy, Mike and Karina
Below: Sandy Carson Recreating His Issue 18 Poster And A Rare Sight, Ricky Adam… And Sandy Carson

Above: John Bailey Fabricating That Thing People Like To Slide Their Bike Down

Above: The DIG Tattoo Gallery… You Have No Idea How Many Dig Tattoos I’ve Looked At Laying This Out.
Below: Rob, Sandy and Mike Looking At The DIG Top Secret New DIG Book While Thinking About Eating at Mono For The 4th Time In A Day and Rob And Mike Setting Up.

Above: Big Print For The Big 30

Above: 40 PSI Won’t Get You Too Far In A Long Jump.
Photo By: Fred Murray

Above: The Gallery Right Before And During
Below: Mike O’Bryan Catching Me Being Safe During The Gallery Install, Your Average Scottish Toilet, VIP Wristbands (not really) And None Other Than Western Australia Man, Matt Bell, Who Happened To Be In Glasgow And Met Up For A Bit At Sleazy’s, Good To See Matt, It Has Been A Bit

Trails trip up next…