I flew down early from Glasgow (much sad I had to leave) and milled about Heathrow, looking at hot babes walking out of the International terminal while waiting for Tom, Carley and Mark. They had a direct flight from Shittsburgh, which was pretty nice. After picking up the rental car and driving to Mod’s, we decided to get a jet-lag session in at Epson. Mark said he hasn’t been there in about 15 years, so we headed out. Nice little sesh on day one. Tom first lapped it on his freshly built bike. Big thanks to Jon Robinson and the locals. Word was they re-did the mainline over the Winter and this was the first time it was running. Nothing like a little sesh straight away. 

Below: Heathrow… everyone’s favorite airport

Above: Piiieee and Mark Heading Into Epsom

Above: Epsom Trails
Below: Heathrow

Above: Mark Not Messing About Getting Straight To Watering And Fun Times With The Crew
Below: Epsom Trails

Above: Tom’s Spankin’ New Build, Look At That Fresh Grease, Mate!

Above: Water Cans
Below: Mark and Piiieee Heading Up To The Starting Hill

Below: Mark And His Custom GoPro Mount And Piiieee Telling Mark Which Weatherspoons Is The Best

Above: Piiieee & Mark Warming Up
Below: Tom Lather’n Up Everyone With The Magic Bio-Freeze, That Stuff Works Wonders

Above: Tom Ordered Up Some Of Those Sexy Root Pedals And Jamie Was Nice Enough To Hand Deliver Them

Above: Sponsor Plug And Also Holly Is Pretty, But Not Fun To Walk Through With Shorts On
Below: End Of The Day Exit At Epsom

Above: The Skoda Estate, Tom Had No Problem Fitting 5 Bikes On It And Waaaay Better Than That Peugeot We Had Last Year

Sheet Trails

Ahhhh yes, Sheet Trails, even after a good rain this place is usually running, which happened this time—we had a spicy rain all night, but after a quick dial in we were riding. Aside from The Surrey Hills Cafe being closed yet again when we were in town, we were off to a good start. I rode a lot and managed to blast through giant puddle at the end of the main line, so not too many riding photos to share. As always, thanks to Josh (Piiieee) and the locals for a splendid time. As you’ll notice, usually the less riding photos means I’ve been riding a bit more—which is a good thing.

Above: Sheet Trails… Can Ride When Wet (That’s What She Said, TEE HEE!)

Below: Tom On The Way Into Sheet Trails, Probably Checking Stocks On His Space Phone

Above:Wet, Wet and Wet 
Mark Potozcny Was Here and Stanny Boy Rip’n The Trails

Above:Trail Dogz

Above: English Greenery Is Hot
English Oak Trees Are Hot Too

Above: Piiieee And Stanny Boy
Sheet Starting Hill

Above: Dogs And Trails
Mark Potozcny On The Hip

Above: Found My Old BASE Brooklyn Pads From My Racing Days And Decided To Put Them On (Not For Sale)


Above: Sheet Hut And Water Jugs
Netley With The “Netley Tuck”

Above: Berry Bandit Mark, There is Free Food Everywhere… Just Don’t Eat Too Many, You Might Get The ‘rrhea 
Always On Honeymoon, Tom & Carley

Above: Cam McCreadie Blasting On The Hip


Above: Looks Like Doo Doo, But It’s Not


Above: Mark, Piiieee, Mod, Netley And Jimmy With Lot’s Of Love For POSH Woods