Damn did it feel good to go to Europe after Covid Lockdowns. Carley, Myself, Leep and Protoz decided we will visit the Meca of trails in England. This was all filmed on a iPhone at our leisure. We spent over a week in the U.K. Riding then we ended up going to Normandy, France for Gillians massive Jam.

Featuring: Mark Potoczny, David Leep, Gillian, Marc, Red Belge, Foessy, Cam McCreadie, Wilson Haines, Sven Littfinski, Max Dunn, Phil Auckland, Antoine Morvan, Phil Muesli, Martin Wardle, Michael Hanfler, JB Bagnol, Jonathan Faulkner, Chad Cowell, Sam Hooker, Dimitris Araouzos, and Friends.

Very huge thank you to all the locals that let us blow up the trail spots and homes, till next time homies!