Back to Hazelwood for a heavy sesh. The doots had the ménage line running good, so we shot quite a bit on that. I’ll let the photos do the talking, so scroll on and enjoy.

Above: Custom Stovedialer/DRG Sprocket On Mark Potozcny’s New Rig

Below: Gillian With a One-Footed Flatty and Mark Blasting The Hip

Above: Fresh New Shovels and Gillian Dialing In Some Dirt

Below: Tom, Gillian and Mark

Above: Mark Watering, Starting Hill Chill’n, Gillian With a One-Footed Table and Tom Blaze’n Through The Hip

Below: Ménage

Clockwise: Tom Blasting Through Ménage, Mark Protoz Style, Nate Halahan With A Dipped 360 and Gillian With a Turndown

L to R: Tools Of The Trade, Tom and Gillian Stoked On Trails, Nate Dogg and Gillian, Tom and Mark

Clockwise: Gillian with the Camembert, Mark Potozcny With a Dog Pee Table, Gillian blasting through ménage and Nate Halahan with the Nate Dogg Combo

Above: This Is Trails: Mark Potozcny

Above: Mark Potozcny With a Turndown and Tom Arkus With a Whip

Below: Nate Halahan With a Clicked 360 Turndown

Above: Ménage Sexiness and A Sign Of Mark Potozcny: Dale Earnhardt Cooler With Some Ketchup On It

Above: Tom and Gillian Testing Out Tom & Carley’s New Tagine

Above: Dry Guy Mark Potozcny

Above: Tagine Master Chef Gillian and Hazelwood Chills

L to R: Rare Sighting of The Two Tallest and Lankiest Riders From The Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere: Tom Arkus and Nathan Saunders, Shelly Potozcny, Tom and Gillian With Inaugural Tagine Sesh and Master Chef Gillian Working His Magic On The Tagine