We left the lovely Hills Of Surrey and jibbed up to the West Midlands—to Alvwood. Cool spot! Made a stop at a super mega turbo Tesco and I found out Shreddy Eddie only eats garlic bread and rumor has it he has never ate anything else. Garlicbreadterianism—it’s going to be the new lifestyle in 2023 and beyond. Alvwoods is kind of by a farm field, with lots of old oak trees and heaps of crows. Mine field of cow pies on the way in though. Mod uses an old Surrey Hills secret, cow pie on the tires, gives better traction around corners and 69 more HP at the wheels. Trail sesh was good, aside from feeling like I got punched in the back by Mike Tyson from the crash the other day. Think we had about 18 people in a train at once. Pretty sweeeet! Thanks to Bob & company for the great sesh. Tom and I (the Lithuanian Lumberjacks) went on a nice wood mission and kept the fire going all night. Apparently there are a wild pack of hyenas by the trails, but that’s where noise canceling headphones do you good while sleeping in brambles (I tend to set my tent up in the worst possible spots).

Above: Alvwoods

Above: Under A West Midlands Sky

Above: Garlic Bread Ed

Below: Windy, Innit?

Above: Entrance to Alvwoods—She’s Beaut!

Above: Mod’s Cow Dooty Tuning Secret

Below: Trail Tings

Below: Cow Shite

Above: Oak Trees Are Hot

Above: The Brew Dog Wall And Bikes

Below: Foerske… Not Drunk Or Dead, Just Taking A Wee Nap

Below: Tom Tending To His Stocks Boner Pre-Session and Mr. Hamilton Tending To Garlic Bread Ed’s Boo Boo

Below: Belgian Bike Mechanic And Belgian Dry Guys

Above: Mr. Hamilton And George Enjoying Some Bromance

Below: Plotting Things… Glen, Pie and Mr. Hamilton

Above: Bob Getting Stylie

Below: Carley And Tom

Above: Mr. Shred—Matt Bell

Below: Tom And Mr. Hamilton

Above: Matt Bell And Mr. Hamilton

Below: Fist Bumps

Above: Steven With A Mid-Train 360 And Fraser With Some Non-Garlic Bread Style

Below: Mr. Matt Bell

Above: It’s Grill’n Time And Gillian The Tagine Master Chef

Below: Mr. Hamilton & Dan Digging And Matt Bell Watering

Above: Dan & Mr. Hamilton Digging And Bob Digging

Below: George Getting His Sweep On

Above: The Starting Platform

Above: Alv Tings

Below: Glen Watering And Pie Sifting

Above: Banos Mark, Stretch To Shred

Above: Sunset Starts & Ye Olde Trail Nome

Above: Gillian With Some Français Style

Above: Mr. Hamilton

Above: Mark With A Toboggan And Seat Grab

Below: Gillian Fold & Hold

Below: Gillian Turndown

Below: George On The Hip

Below: Mr. Dry Guy, Tom

Above: Tent Lyfe

Below: Who’s Crack Pack Is It?! And Our Lithuanian Fire Still Going Strong In The Morning

Above: Heavy Szechuan

Below: Sick Guys!

Below: Grilling