After a nice sleep and a quick early morning run through the lovely overcast & light misty Hills Of Surrey, we went to the Compasses Inn a bit outside of town. Cute bartender working, I didn’t get her name though because she couldn’t see me (I had camouflaged pants on). We headed out to Brockham shortly after, although it was a wee bit wet from the rain, but a good sesh was had and Johnny & crew had them up and running. Still baffled on how close a lot of the trail spots are in the UK. I think we had about 16 pizzas in total and they all got seshed. Frenchies & Bogans were shredding as well. I didn’t shoot much, since I was getting some laps in, but I also got my brake lever caught in my shorts (jorts or shants depending on how you look at it) during a turndown. Almost died, took a good spill, but kept getting some laps in. Never had that happen in all my years of riding, but might consider riding in a banana hammock or full-nakey from now on. Great day, pizza and fireside chats. Thanks again to Johnny and the Brockham locals—always a great time stopping in.

Above: Idyllic, innit?!

Above: Brockham Sign

Below: Much Pizza

Above: Fire and Water

Below: Brockham Tiiiings

Below: Mark Inspecting an English Shovel and The Brockham Starting Hill

Above: Mark With Some Style and Shreddie Eddie

Below: Gillian With a Frenchie 360

Above: Gillian & Mark and Glen

Below: Brockham

Below: Mark & Gillian Talking About Bizzare Things


Above: Tools Of The Trade

Below: More Fire & Water

Below: Mr. Potozcny On The Starting Hill and Tom About To Go On Smoko

Below: Brockham Szechuan

Below: Mod Cruising Through The Starting Rollers

Below: Johnny And Mod Getting Stylie On Those Big Bikes

Below: Mr. Matt Bell—Always a Treat Watching Him Ride, He’s Got Unique Style

Above: Brockham Chill’n

Below: Pyros! Fraser and Ed

Above: This Crew!❤️