After more messing around with my laptop and one of the worst breakfasts I ever had (hmm, imagine it was at a Weatherspoons) and after picking up some supplies, we were off to Leatherhead. Place was steaming with people and Red Belge & Cam were shredding exceptionally well. I took full advantage of the nice field to nap in and went for round two in the woodsy bit in the middle of the field. Nice nap, didn’t get pooped on by any squirrels or pigeons and got a few good photos in. We wrapped this up with a nice pizza oven and grill session and good chats with the Aussies. As always—thanks to Jimmy, Mod and the Leatherhead locals.

Above: Dry Guys Hanging Out

Above: Gillian Laying Down A Flatty For France

Above: Red Belge Cranking A Turndown For All The Gingers Out There

Below: Dimitri With A Tuck And Red Belge Enjoying The English Sun

Below: Cam Getting Stylish With Mark In Tow

Below: Red Belge With Another Angle On The Clicked Turndown And Red Belge With A Table And Gillian In Tow

Below: Red Belge With A Mega Tucked No-Hander

Below: Street Maneuvers At The Trails

Above: Red Belge With A Table And Red Belge With A Nac-Nac

Below: Tom And Foerske Talking About Waffles And Tom And Gillian On Smoko—LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Above: Cam Blaze’n Past The Blazers

Below: Bikes And Overhead View Of Dry Guys In Their Natural Habitat

Above: International Shredders, Will Shred Your Trails, Your Toilet And Probably Your Girlfriend/Wife. L to R: Foerske, Gillian, Dimitri, Tom, Mark The Godfather, Matt, Renaud and Glen

Below: Fraser And The Blazers Nest

Above: Post Sesh Beverages And Chin Wag

Below: Jimmy The Pizza Wizard

Above: It’s Grill’n Time And Gillian The Tagine Master Chef

Below: Tom Inspecting Pizzas With His Headlamp And A Maxed Out Grill

Above: Foerske On Double Smoko

Above: I Think Matt Is Digging In His Kangaroo Pouch For Some Vegemite

Above: Field Of Dreams And Indigestion From Spoons