After some laptop repair and another full-English brekkie, we were off to Wisley. Once again, love this place, although they took out some trees for the motorway expansion—place is still vibe’n. I got some laps in and the Frenchies and Belgians rolled up as well. Heavy crew and sesh. And we finished off the day with some grilling. Who could ask for a better Saturday?

Above: Tom Heading In To Wisley

Below: ShiteBook Pro repair with an improvised screwdriver/shank

Above: Wisley

Above: Doggos. Forgot their names, but the one on the right looked fluffy, but felt like a brillo pad

Above: Medieval Entrance

Above: Barrow Shed

Above: Bees Getting Busy In The Jumps

Above: Wisley

Above: The Bromantic Belgians Have Arrived

Above: “Hi, I’m Foerske!”

Below: Mark Potozcny Tuck

Above: Damo Wilkinson Shredding Into The English Sunset

Above: Mark Potozcny Yinz Style

Below: Red Belge With A Table And Mark With More Yinz Style

Below: Dudes Taking About Trails And Curry

Below: Mark And Dimitri and Red Belge, Mark And Dimitri

Below: Dimitri, Red Belge, Mark And Jonny And A Train Led By Mark, Followed By Red Belge and Dimitri

Above: The Wisley Grill And Jimmy And Johnny With His Signature Sish Kabob Sandwich

Below: Carley In The Wisley Cave